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I have been attempting to take the perfect photograph for over 30 years - maybe someday I will. I work with 35mm, although, in the past, I have worked with 4 X 5, 645, and 2 1/4 square. Almost all of what I do today is digital.

I have been fortunate enough to have won a number of local photo contests and have had a couple of shows at art galleries and one at the Canton Art Institute in Canton, Ohio.

My real passion is just taking pictures of anything. The early morning light and the vacant streets at 06:00 AM in the city are equally appealing to me as a portrait or a bug on a flower. I have photographed a wide variety of subjects. From a scenic to a product advertising shot, from NHRA and AHRA drag racing to IMSA style road racing, and from portraits and pets to architecture and interiors. I like the distortion of a fisheye lens and the intimacy of the ultra close-up and the selectiveness of the extreme telephoto shot.

I put this website up in the hopes that other people will enjoy looking at my photographs as much I enjoyed taking them. Feel free to browse and email me your thoughts, and if you would, please let me know what area of the world you are from. I am located in Ohio in the U.S.A.

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